THE ROTARY CLUB OF TAIPEI was founded on October 9, 1948. On that day, the Club with 28 founding members, received its charter from Rotary International. Republic of China (Taiwan) past President C. K. YEN, who remained a member for over 40 years, was elected as Charter President.

It was just three years after the end of World War II. The formation of the Club was of very special significance, since Rotary is an international organization where freedom, justice, truth and world fellowship are inherent in its goals. It was also only one year before the seat of government of the Republic of China was moved to Taipei upon the withdrawal of the Nationalist government in mainland China to Taiwan.

Even in its first year, our Club had the potential of becoming a truly international organization. Of the 28 charter members, 22 were Chinese and 6 were foreigners, mostly Americans. Today our Club generally has members of over 20 nationalities.


The First Decade: 1948-1958

The Rotary years 1948-49 through 1958-59 were years of “firsts.” Dr. Ton So-Kim, our Club’s candidate, was awarded the first (in Taiwan) Rotary Foundation Fellowship in RY1949-50. In December 1950 our Club held its first Charity Ball at Kwang Fu Hall in Taipei. TYPHOON made its first appearance in July 1951, with Rotarian ET as its first editor. The intercollegiate English oratorical contest was started in RY 1956-57.

A delegation of Taipei Rotarians attended the Inter-City Forum of Rotary clubs of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau in Hong Kong in March 1952, and in April 1953 we sent its first two delegates to attend the Rotary International Convention in Seattle.

Ten other Rotary clubs were formed in Taiwan during our Club’s first ten years. With our Club as sponsor, the Rotary Clubs of Keelung and Tainan were chartered in November 1953, and the Rotary Club of Kaohsiung in the same Rotary Year. These were followed by the Rotary Clubs of Hsinchu, Pingtung, Chiayi, Taipei West, Ilan and Taichung, all chartered in RY 1954-55, and the Rotary Club of Taipei North chartered in March 1959.

In the early days, the main emphasis of our club was on assisting orphanages and underprivileged children amid the difficult economic circumstances in those days. In October 1951, our club helped install a tap water system at the Peitou Orphanage and an enclosing wall for the Ai Ai Liau Orphanage. A free evening school for underprivileged children was opened at the Wanhua YMCA in June 1954. The I Kiang Children’s Garden, equipped by our Club, opened in June 1956. Our club continues to support the underprivileged in Taiwan, as well as disaster victims, the aged and the handicapped.

Our Club also gave provisions to the crew of the junk “Free China” that sailed across the Pacific in March 1955, and established an emergency fund at the Taiwan University Hospital in January 1957.

Other important activities of Our Club during its first ten years included a Courtesy Contest held in January 1950, a “one-price movement” started in February 1957 (which called on stores to publicly list prices for goods), the dedication of 3 Rotary cabins at the YMCA Fu Lung Camp in August 1957, and a “Rotacom” basketball tournament held at the International House in June 1958.

Two RI Presidents visited Taiwan in that period, namely A. Z. Baker in December 1955 and Clifford A. Randall, with his wife, in November 1958. Rotary International celebrated its Golden Anniversary in February 1955. Republic of China President Chiang Kai-shek sent his greetings.


The Years 1959-2000

RY 1959-60 saw the birth of District 345, when in June 1960 the Rotary Clubs of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau were given District status. In April of the same year, the Chinese Rotarian Quarterly magazine made its first appearance. In May 1961, the first District Conference was held in Taipei; and the Chinese Rotarian Quarterly was later recognized by Rotary International as the official regional publication of District 345.

The years that followed, particularly the ten years beginning in RY 1968-69, were years of fast growth and expansion, not only for our Club but for the Rotary movement all over the country and in District 345. Our growth consisted not only in the increase in the number of our members, but also in the international composition of our Club’s membership and by the multiplication of our activities and the increase in amounts of funds that we were able to donate to charity. We were able to expand our services to both our Club and the community at large, and increase our participation in District and International Conventions.

We continuously increased our contributions to the Rotary Foundation, as well as the number of Paul Harris Fellows among our members and some of their spouses. We continued aiding the orphanages and underprivileged children who were among the first beneficiaries of our charity work. Moreover, we expanded these activities to also include the aged, the handicapped, and other needy persons.

Our Rotary spouses very ably assisted the aged for many years. In those early years, the Women’s Community Service Committee expanded its projects to assist the handicapped and orphans. Aside from the traditional Christmas or New Year Parties that we held for underprivileged and crippled children, we also sponsored in 1981-82 a garden party for child patients at Cheng Hsin Medical & Rehabilitation Center.

Our major community service projects, supported by contributions received during our annual charity drive, were major projects for the community. In RY 1980-81, we supported the Taipei Life Line, and in RY 1981-82, the Children’s Cardiac Foundation. With funds of almost NT$2 million from the 1982 Charity Ball, we supported two major projects in RY 1982-83; the Rota-car Project administered by the Salvation Army, and the Chen Kuang Activity Center (a joint project with the Rotary Club of Taipei Ta-an). The funds collected in the 1983 charity drive were used to help a home for single mothers and a home for children with mental disabilities.

In cooperation with other Rotary Clubs in Taipei, and as our contribution to the 3-H program, we donated US$50,000 to build water tanks for refugees in Thailand in RY 1980-81. In RY 1981-82, in line with the year’s theme of “World Understanding and Peace Through Rotary”, we prepared slides depicting Rotary in the Republic of China and the activities of our club for distribution to clubs in other countries. We also visited and donated to the community service projects of our sister clubs in the Philippines.

We started a project for promoting high ethical standards in RY 1981-82, and this was continued in RY 1982-83 as a major Vocational Service Project. As part of this project, we distributed large posters and desk cards of the Four Way Test to our fellow Rotarians at the 23rd District 345 Conference in Taipei and also at the 1983 RI Convention in Toronto. We also sponsored projects to promote good employer-employee relations and to help young people in choosing a career. In April 1984, we recognized 3 outstanding key employees selected from our members’ companies.

In 1982-83, our Club signed sister club agreements with the Rotary Club of Chicago and the Rotary Club of Westmount.
In the 1980s we also held a Christmas Party for 100 orphans at the Ritz Hotel Chairman, organized by Rotarian Mike and his Community Service Committee.

The major community service projects for 1984-85 saw our club giving NT$300,000 to the Taipei Talking Library for the Blind and NT$200,000 to the Ai Ai Home for the aged.

The major community project for 1985-86 was of equal importance: a van was purchased for the Sunlight Culture and Education Foundation and NT$300,000 was given to the Taiwan Scoliosis Foundation.

The first prize in the 1985 annual Inter-Collegiate English Oratorical Contest for Universities was a month in London.

The Women’s Community Service Committee continued their visits to the Little Sister Home for the Aged in Taiwan. They also helped entertain a visiting group from the Rotary Club of Koshigaya South at our weekly meeting on April 18, 1985.

Our International Service Committee under Chairman Eugene continued their fine work. Our excellent brochure was sent to all hotels, embassies, trade offices and banks in Taipei. This was done so that visiting Rotarians would be aware of the time and place of our meetings.

International students were given a buffet and the gift of phoning their moms on Mother’s Day in 1985.

We supported a major healthcare project of the Rotary Club of Manila by donating surgical instruments from the Republic of China.

Our Paul Harris Fellows in 1985 numbered 50. We were well-represented the RI Convention in June 1985 in Kansas City by Secretary Bob and Rtn. Farmer.

RY 1986-87 was a very productive year for our club as PP Gary C. K. Huang served as Governor of District 345 that year. With his inspiration, the club added 26 Paul Harris Fellows and initiated an island wide scoliosis screening project with the support of neighboring Districts 346 and 347. About 150 1st grade girl students of the Wesley Girls Middle School were the 1st group who received the screening with the help of scoliosis registered nurse Ms. Ruth Shannon and Rotary Anns. The Women’s Community Service Committee continued visiting the elderly at Pa-Li. They also visited approximately 10 orphanages or homes. The International Service Committee hosted an exchange student Ms. Angelique Webber from South Africa and prepared Ms. Sue Wun for her trip to that nation in the next year under the youth exchange program. In addition, the club hosted the RI Zone Four Institute on December 12-14, 1986 in Taipei, with about 150 RI Officers in Asia Zone Four attending. On March 19-20, 1987, the club also hosted the 27th District Conference of District 345 in Taipei, with over 1,300 Rotarians and guests participating.

In RY 1987-88, our club concentrated on the scoliosis screening training sessions. We sponsored 2 sessions: one in Hualien and one in Taipei. We thanked Rtn. Jimlee, who translated the slides provided by the Rotary Club of Novi, Michigan for use at the sessions. Chinese letters, brochures and posters were distributed to the session participants. Other community service projects included donating NT$300,000 to the ROC Foundation of Autistic Children and Adults in Taiwan and providing 26 mattresses to St. Anne’s Home. We also sponsored a blood drive in cooperation with the Taipei Hilton Hotel, Ritz Hotel and Rebar Hotel, with over 700 people participating. The Women’s Community Service Committee donated daily necessities to orphanages and visited the Little Sisters Home for the Aged twice.
For membership growth efforts, the Club sent letters introducing Rotary to almost every new arrival. Sixteen Rotarians maintained their 100 percent attendance record. Under Vocational Service, the Club gave 3 consecutive vocation talks on April 27-29, 1988, for graduating students of the Chinese Culture University and organized a vocational tour for Rotarians and Rotary Anns to visit the Multi-Tech Industrial Park.
RY 1987-88 was the Polio-Plus year. The Club donated US$7,000 to support the Polio-Plus Campaign. Our International Service Committee sent Ms. Sue Wun to South Africa and hosted another youth exchange, Ms. Lisa Blankley. We again sponsored a Christmas Disco Party for 125 foreign students in Taipei at the Taipei Hilton.

RY 1988-89 was also a busy year. Our Vocational Service Committee under the Chairmanship of Rtn. Irving expanded the Career Conference in several colleges to enhance the occupational information for youth. The contests of talks were compiled into booklets to be distributed among different colleges. The Community Service Committee under the chairman ship of Rtn. Bearing had several accomplishments. We donated money to the SOS Children’s Home and Sister Mary Ann Lou MD. Additionally, we had a successful blood drive and also sponsored a collegiate English Speech Contest. Our Women’s Committee continued their tradition of visiting orphanages, the homes for the aged and the Little Sisters of the Poor.
The International Service Committee under the Chairmanship of Rtn. Hydraulic sponsored another exchange student, Ms. Calaf Huang, to South Africa and signed a sister club agreement with the Rotary Club of Kyoto in Japan. In addition, the Board of Directors approved the sponsorship of the Foundation of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines as our project for “World Community Service” for RY 1988-89.

RY 1989-90 was led by President Captain, and the club was marching toward 41 years of service. The Club service committee was led by our Vice President Bearing, and focused on improving our weekly meeting attendance, membership development and weekly programs. The Vocational Service Committee, under the chairmanship of Rtn. Wang, conducted career conferences for college students, vocational tours, and a Secretary’s Day event.

The Community Service Committee chaired by Rtn. Healthcare sponsored a blood drive and participated in a District Community Service Project to cooperate with the police to promote the safety of our neighborhoods.

The International Service Committee, chaired by Rtn. Mac, hosted another exchange student, Ms. Desiree Buys from South Africa, and sponsored a local student to go to South Africa. We continued to solicit more Paul Harris Fellows to support the Polio-Plus Campaign.

President Peter led the Club during RY 1990-91 with his innovative style of leadership, setting a lively, dynamic atmosphere at the meetings. The Club Service Committee was under the chairmanship of Vice President Pierre, who organized a successful Fund Raising Dinner Party, including the auction session presided over by PP Philip, which included selling air tickets sponsored by KLM, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, United Airlines, Dragon Air. It raised over NT$1 million for the Major Community Service Projects for the forthcoming year. At the dinner party, due to the efforts of Program Chairman Rtn. Peat, President Peter and VP Pierre, the Club had the honor to welcome several high ranking ROC ministers to address the Club, including Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Fredrick Chien, Minister of Economic Affairs Vincent Siew and Minister of National Defense Li-an Chen.
Meanwhile, 8 fire side meetings were held at the residences of President Peter, Past Presidents and other Rotarians. In these forums, quite a few constructive comments/opinions were made, and reports were given at our weekly meetings.
Due to the efforts of the hard-working Chairman of Inter-Club Relations, Rtn. Gordon, who took every possible opportunity to visit other Rotary clubs in Taipei City, a solid fellowship between our Club and others clubs was established.
The Community Service Committee was led by Rtn. Way, and for that year, major Community Service Projects of 6 different fields were adopted. They were 1) Retarded Children Foundation, 2) Computer Classes for Muscular Dystrophy, 3) Anti Drug Abuse Campaign, 4) Adventist Hospital CPR Training Session, 5) St. John Orphanage and 6) Sponsor 8 needy children through World Vision.
And in that year’s annual blood drive a record 2,882 units of blood were collected under the tremendous leadership of Rtn. Hilton. To respond to his good-will, 11 well-known hotels in northern Taiwan college students took place at Hilton Hotel. This activity helped to increase the English speaking abilities of these students.
Vocational Service was under Rtn. Monitor’s chairmanship. A tour to TECO Computer Company and Taiwan Tobacco & Wine Monopoly Bureau was organized by Rtn. Venture and P.W. A hectic, lively Secretary Day was successfully held by Rtn. EFE. There were more than 30 secretaries from members’ companies attending the joyous occasion. In addition to a good session of musical performance, a bouquet of flowers, a pen set and a cosmetics pack were received by each secretary.
International Service was under the chairmanship of Rtn. Healthcare. The Club continued to host the exchange student Ms. Desiree Buys from South Africa till end of January, 1991. A timely contribution was given to help the people in the Philippines for the damage caused by a deadly earthquake. In order to support the Polio-plus Campaign of Rotary International, the Club encouraged more members to become Paul Harris Fellows.

The 43rd year commenced under President Pierre’s leadership and charisma. The Club Service Committee, the chairman of which under the Club’s tradition was to take over the presidency for the following year, was led by Rtn. Way. Despite his busy schedule, he still managed to see to the arrangement of his subcommittee’s activities. The list of distinguished guest speakers included Dr. Samuel Shieh of the Central Bank of China; Mr. John C.I. Ni of the Industrial Development & Investment Center, Ministry of Economic Affairs; Dr. Wu Kuan Hsiung of CETRA; Mr. Peter Bien of China Airlines and Dr. Otto Lin of ITRI. They honored the Club by giving us informative speeches from their fields.
Rtn. Peat chaired the Vocational Service Committee with the assistance of Rtns. Designer, Composer and Club. An interesting and fun Secretary’s Day was conducted and designed by Rtn. Designer, a ‘Rotary Boss’ was elected by the attending secretaries, along with graphics. Vocational trips to the Ford Liuho factory and ICRT were arranged by Rtns. Club and Composer.
Rtn. Hilton, after a record-setting blood drive, took a new assignment in Bangkok. Still, the subcommittees were running smoothly under the leadership of capable Rotarians. Rtn. Hydraulic’s ‘A New Pair of Shoes’ project benefited more than 40 orphans in the Tien Mu and Beitou areas.
Rtn. Casablanca, a new Rotarian in town, happily took this task and worked closely with subcommittee members, the press, ICRT, local corporations, and the Rotary Club of Taipei Capital. With the above helping hands, the blood drive led by Rtn. Casablanca again proved to be a great success and attracted more attention from our society. The total collection of blood was 2774 units.
The Community Service Committee under Rtn. Foto with the consultation of several senior Rotarians, selected the project to reconstruct the Cathwel Nursery. Through this sponsorship, the Rotary Club of Taipei and the Cathwel Nursery gained further public awareness.
After a successful sister club connection with the Rotary Club of Kyoto for three years, the Club decided to continue this tie with them and a delegation from Kyoto came to visit our weekly meeting on April 16. In addition to a warm welcoming regular meeting and a formal agreement signing ceremony, PP Bearing, PDG Gary and several other Rotarians played host to our guests. Another 2-year sister club agreement was signed to continue the fellowship between our two Clubs.
Two Rotary International Matching Grants programs were adopted by the Club. One is the Eye Bank of Manila, the Philippines, the other is a program to purchase facilities for a school for the blind in Istanbul, Turkey. With the encouragement of Rotary Foundation Subcommittee Chairman Patrick, there were 6 Paul Harris Fellow donors who received recognition at President Pierre’s Inauguration Ceremony.
With the endeavor of the Club to get involved with the Rotary International community, the Club was the number one 1991-92 per capita contributor to the Rotary Foundation in District 3480.
With the official visit of RI President and Madam Raje Saboo, PDG Gary was assigned to unite 7 other Rotary Clubs meeting on Thursday in Taipei to organize a welcoming party on March 26.

In RY 1992-93, Rtn. Way took over the reins of the presidency and endeavored to make our Club a truly international Rotary club by recruiting more members from different nationalities. He endeavored to enhance tighter fellowship between members, hold more fireside meetings and have more activities such as hiking, bowling and golfing.
To fulfill his commitment, President Way ordered that a “Baseball Day” be held with the support of Rtn. JC, who was the director of Mercury Tiger’s baseball team.
The Club set out to establish a Sister Club tie with the “Mother Club of Hawaii”, the Rotary Club of Honolulu, through the efforts of Rtn. Efe and Mr. Roy Wu, formerly Director General of the Coordination Council for North American Affairs and now the ROC Representative in Honolulu. The Agreement was signed in January 1993.
To enhance a better understanding and to create closer contacts, President Way, accompanied by members, visited our Baby Clubs in Area 1 and some older clubs in District 3480 on a monthly basis. This was done under the auspices of the Chairman of the Inter-Club Relations Committee, PP Bearing.
A very strong team worked for the Community Service Committee. Rtn. Patrick, the Chairman of our “Underprivileged Children” activities, ably led seven worthwhile contributions. The highlight was a successful barbecue/picnic attended by many orphans and over 40 Rotarians and Rotary Anns.
Rtn. Hilton, the “Blood Drive Committee” Chairman, set a remarkable record. 4,109 units of blood were collected with the assistance of over 10 Rotaract Clubs in District 3480. A total of 7 public blood drives were held.
With regard to the “Major Community Service,” the Club donated NT$700,000 to the Good Shepherd Sisters as well as “seed money” so that they may be able to establish a foundation.
The “Annual Inter-Collegiate English Speaking Contest,” organized by Rtn. EFE, turned out to be a most successful event. The first winner was awarded a business class ticket from Taipei to London and back, courtesy of British Asia Airways. The second winner was awarded an economy class ticket from Taipei to Brisbane and Sydney, Australia and back, courtesy of Qantas Airways. The third winner was awarded an economy class ticket from Taipei to Singapore and back, courtesy of Singapore Airlines.
Rtn. Composer successfully led the “International Service” subcommittees. Over 10 Rotarians became “Paul Harris Fellows” and one Rotarian became a “Foundation Benefactor.”
Through Rtn. Vision, Chairman of the “World Community Service Committee,” the Club participated in and supported the following projects:
1. Joint Rotary Foundation Matching Grant with the Rotary Club of Penang, Malaysia;
2. Donation made to support the construction of “Rotahomes” a project for the homeless, at US$150 each, “Rotaschools,” at US$350 each, “Tube Wells,” at US$150 each, “Latrines,” at US$30 each, “Vocational Tools,” at US$30 each, and “Motors, Generators, Water Pumps, and Power Tillers,” at US$50 each, for a “Community Development Program” in Bangladesh;
3. Sponsorship of the “Eyesight restored for US$14″ program in Vietnam.

In RY 1993-94, President Richard led the Club to actively organize and participate in many activities, which including an informal meeting in Shanghai on November 13, 1993. We are lucky enough to meet a 97-year-old former Shanghai Rotary Club President back in RY 1934-35, PP Percy Chu, through the introduction of Prof. Ching T. Yang, who was a former Rotarian of the Rotary Club of Wuxi.

Our President in RY 1994-95 was President Hardware. This was an important year, as the 1994 RI Convention was held in Taipei City. It was one of the highlights of this Rotary year for every Rotarian here. To show our leadership, the Club hosted a Welcoming Party for RI top executives and local club Presidents on June 9, before the formal commencement of the 1994 RI Convention on June 12th. Guests of honor included RI President Robert Barth, RI President-Elect Bill Huntley, the RI Board of Directors and the keynote speaker Dr. Fredrick F. Chien, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China.
The major community service project was the sponsorship of two separate programs at the Eden Welfare Foundation:
1. Psychological rehabilitation program
2. Social and interpersonal skills training for the handicapped
The Women’s Community Service Committee, led by Rtnn. Nancy, become active again. Their activities included conducting a trip to the Heart Journey Foundation to find out their working situation in helping children with severe mental handicaps, hosting a lunch for 30-40 orphans at McDonald’s, a tour to the Chang’s Foundation’s Hong-Hsi Art Museum and a behind-the-scenes visit to the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

President Designer led our club in RY 1995-96. We sponsored a Christmas party for orphans and visited the Bali Home for the Elderly. We also sponsored the RC of Taipei Tin Harbor.

Our club was led by President Hydraulic in RY 1996-97. We sponsored free dental check-ups for underprivileged children at the Holy Word Children Home. RI President Luis Gay visited Taipei in that year.

President Concord led our club in RY 1997-98. We recognized the contributions of street cleaning workers to a cleaner Taipei.The 4 districts in Taiwan expanded to 7 in that year. We also sponsored the RC of Taipei Elite. We established a sister club relationship with the RC of Washington DC.

In RY 1998-99, our club was led by President Jackson. This was an important year, as our club celebrated its golden (50th) anniversary. That year we sponsored a beach cleaning project in cooperation with the Rotaract Club of Taipei. We also visted homes for orphans and senior citizens.

President Counselor led our club in RY 1999-2000. We sponsored a Secretaries Day activity. We also sponsored 7 aboriginal children via Taiwan World Vision. That year was also the year of a tragic earthquake in Taiwan, and our club donated NT$1.3 million help the victims of the Sept 21, 1999 earthquake.


The Years 2000-Present
Our club was led by President Hilton in RY2000-01. In that year we established a sister club relationship with RC of Tai Po in Hong Kong.
President Juris continued our tradition of supporting our community in RY2001-02. We sponsored the Wheelchair Olympics that year at the Cheng-Hsin Rehabilitation and Medical Center. We also sponsored dental check-up for aboriginal Malaysian children.

In RY 2002-03 our President was Rtn. Vienna. This was an eventful year, as President Vienna dismantled the gender barrier and inducted the first female member, Rtn. Primeira, into our club. That year we also sponsored the creation of an Interact Club at the Taipei American School.
President Roger led our club in RY 2003-04. One of our activities was a vocational tour to Ford Lio Ho Motor Company in Chungli, Taiwan. We also sponsored a “Clean Up the World” activity at the Bali Zhou-An Beach.

In RY 2004-05, our club was led by President Braces. Our projects included dental service trips to Malawi and Swaziland. We co-sponsored and donated 25 wheelchairs to the Beitou Hou-Ran Home for the Elderly. PP Braces for many years has been very active in leading dental missions overseas to help the underprivileged.

President Pi-Song led our club in RY 2005-06. We sponsored a “World Clean Up Day” project at the Beitou Park. That year our club also sent a delegation to attend the Charter Ball and Charity Dinner hosted by the RC of Shanghai.

Our club was led by President Building for RY 2006-07. We established a sister club relationship with the RC of Hong Kong. We co-sponsored a World Clean-Up project with the Rotaract Club of Taipei at Wanli Beach. We also sponsored a fern park at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

President Furniture took over the reins of our club for RY 2007-08. We sponsored free medical services for the underprivileged in Taitung. We visited the St. Raphael Center in Tainan and donated needed equipment. In that year, Honorary Member Rtn. Justice (Ying-Jeou Ma) was elected the 12th President of the Republic of China.

Our club was led by President Bio in RY 2008-09. In that year we established a sister club relationship with the RC of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. In that year our club also celebrated its 60th Charter Anniversary.

Thus concluded our first 60 years as a club. As we moved toward our 70th anniversary, our club was very ably led by a series of energetic presidents who have continued our traditions of international fellowship and supporting the less fortunate and our communities as a whole. We continue to sponsor an annual Inter-Collegiate English Speech Contest. In 2013 and 2014 we supported Gift of Life activities in the Philippines, which sponsors critical heart surgery for poor children with congenital heart defects. PP Braces continues to lead a variety projects, including support for overseas dental supplies and dental services.

Our Presidents in recent years have been as follows:

RY 2009-10: President Ampo

RY 2010-11: President Story

RY 2011-12: President Roadrunner

RY 2012-13: President Jan

RY 2013-14: President Tom

RY 2014-15: President Cager

RY 2015-16: President Thomas

RY 2016-17: President Stephen

RY 2017-18: President Jack

This yeas is RCT 70th Anniversary! 

In Celebration of the 50th Charter Golden Anniversary. December 19, 1998, at Grand Hotel Taipei.