The beneficiary of this project is Pleroma Home for Girls in Cambodia, which was sponsored initially by Garden of Hope Foundation, Taiwan (GOH-TW). The scope of this project is to provide Dormitory Facility Consumable Items, which will conclude within 10 months from the initial day.

This project will provide the daily necessity for the girls protected in Pleroma Home. This will give the girls safe place to stay and receive training during their stay at Pleroma Home.
Due to efficient use of the fund, we were able to extend the duration of the project. We are expecting to be able to sustain the fund for 18 months, instead of the originally planned 10 months.

Community impact

The girls have been changed from being traumatized to ready to into families and schools.
They have learnt:
• sewing and the benefits of hard work and business thinking
• business basics and that business + effort = benefit
• how to exploit their own potential
• how to communicate within the family and counsel and train them
They also cooperated with other NGOs to prosecute and imprison the perpetrators of their abuse.
The staff have also developed through further training, skills upgrade and counselling skills

Long-term community impacts of the project include:
Developing the girls’ families and educating them how to care better for their children.
Integrating the girls back into the community as better people
Initiating commercial initiatives in the families (e.g. cross stitching)