Rotary Club of Pilar Norte and the medical professionals of Juan Cirilo Sanguinetti Hospital in Pilar, have held the first of a series of seminars seeking to increase prevention of various diseases.

The first of these meetings “Prevention Cervical Cancer,” was conducted by Dr. Martin Di’Cío, Chief of Gynecology of Sanguinetti Hospital.

Many lay members of the community—in addition to the staff of the Hospital—attended the meeting which gave them the opportunity to consult with the medical professionals.

This seminar—and those to follow—are made possible by the Rotary Global Grant in which Rotary Club Pilar Norte, Rotary Club of Taipei-Taiwan and Rotary Foundation of Rotary International participated. The Grant has also provided a Laparoscopic tower and tools and an Incubator to the Sanguinetti Hospital in Pilar.

We are very pleased with this first in a series of talks with Dr. Sergio Lorda, Director of Sanguinetti Hospital and the medical staff of that hospital, which Judith Figueroa, President RCPN explained, had the intention “to educate and to disseminate strategies to prevent diseases. ”

The next seminars will discuss the benefits of laparoscopic surgery and prevention of breast cancer.

“We think it’s important that people have the information and prevent , all kinds of diseases,” Figueroa expanded.

During the seminar, Dr. Di’Cío emphasized the importance of women having gynecological checkups at least once a year .

“Cervical cancer caused by the virus HPV or human papillomavirus is sexually transmitted. Today we have a vaccine, which is within the schedule of mandatory vaccinations and applies to girls as young as 11 years old. but also we must insist that women undergo Pap tests, to screen for possible there are injuries.”

Dr. Di’Cío also emphasized the statistics that 500 000 women are diagnosed each year with cervical cancer, that it is the second most common cancer in women and that it causes 12% of cancer deaths .