This Rotary year, Rotary Club of Taipei supports and donates $30,000 NTD to the

“Pearl S. Buck Foundation (PSBF) New Immigrant Youth Scholarship and Career Development Program “

The main aim is to encourage students from the low income new immigrant family to do their best in education, find their talents, develop fine personality, and become good citizens of this land.

The Career Development Forum and the Scholarship Award Ceremony will be held on the 22nd of January 2014 in the Grand Victoria Hotel. Currently, we’ll have 5-6 Rotarians sharing their education and career experiences with 12 of our scholarship winners.

PSB Foundation was first set up by Mrs Pearl. S Buck in 1964. In 1968 the Taiwan branch was set up to help mixed-race and poor single-parent children in Taiwan. The foundation had so far helped thousand of American-Asian children grow up, giving them financial aids, scholarship, mental and educational consultancy and biological father searching services. Since 1999 PSBF had expanded their services to other immigrant families. These immigrant families are mainly foreign brides from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia and Mainland China marrying Taiwanese men.

Currently, PSB Foundation is there to help Taiwanese families which are built on inter-racial marriages to transcend cultural differences and to resolve family conflicts. Hence, spouses of foreign ethnicity can become accustomed to living in Taiwan, establish benevolent relationships in marriages and subsequently foster a cultivating environment for their children.

Rtn. Yi-An

Please see the report of the PSB Foundation project!