June 25, President Cager attended the opening ceremonies of RCT Tin Harbour’s community service project for which some 60 students attending the National Taiwan University will go to the Tai Tung area in Southern Taiwan to engage with the aboriginal communities there. The majority of students are medical students and doctors but also include students with other majors such as law, education, and anthropology.

The Medical doctors and students will provide basic health checks and care for the communities while the other students will engage the residents of the communities, particularly the children, in a number of different activities.
The Director for NTU’s medical school emphasized the valuable training that the students would receive and thanked RCT Tin Harbour and all the RC Clubs who supported this project with their donations. The Director encouraged the students to look at this project not just as service but also as an opportunity to engage with people of different backgrounds.

RC Taipei supports this project with a donation of NTD 20,000. RC Tin Harbour leads this project and has support from RC Taipei, RCT Roundtable, RCT Tokai, RCT Elite, RCT New Century, RCT Diamond and other clubs in D3480. This will be the 9th year RCT Tin Harbour has sponsored this project.

RC Tin Harbour lead a delegation of Rotarians and spouses to Tai Tung to witness this project in action from JULY 6-8.