July 5th 2014 was a memorable day in the history of the Rotary in Taiwan.

More than 80 Rotary clubs joined their efforts to celebrate the presidency of Gary Huang, Rotary International President 2014-2015, under the theme Light up Rotary!

Rotary Club of Taipei was one of the lighters with the relentless efforts from PP Roadrunner and PP Koji who leaded the organization of the event.

There were many NGOs and Charities who joined, in a fundraising effort and Rotary Club of Taipei supported some of the with a boot (Double Bliss Foundation, Taipei Blind Dog Association, Icebreaker to name just a few)

So many RC Taipei members and RCT family were part of the working crew at Rotary Day: Rtn. Eugene and Rtn. Jason on the accounts; Rtn. Kelly and husband Rtn. Max selling baked goods to help out Icebreaker NGO; the Rotaracters with their great fruit punch; H. Rtn. Rachel and family and the Castle Bounce ‘n’ Jump; Rtn. Eternity, PP Ampo, Rtn. Felice on Fellowship and of course, PP Koji, PP Roadrunner who were over-seeing the whole event. Rtn. Antiox had some great Italian wines at his booth, IPP Tom, Rtn. Jason C, and the Rotaract crew at the Coke booths, Catherine at the ticket booth, and so many more!

A number of our Baby Clubs and fellow D3480 Sub District One RCs had booths.

All were honored by the presence of Rotary International President, Gary!
Rotary Day was a great event to promote Service Above Self and show the fellowship and support of all Rotarians.