President Jan (Jan Rosemeyer, President 2012-2013) was the youngest President in club’s history.
He is German therefore our Charter Night was conducted as Oktoberfest with many Rotarians and distinguished members of the community joining together!

One of the major project during his year was the support of an orphanage in Cambodia. This project also became the basis for establishing our sister club relationship with RC Yokohama which was signed in Dec. 2012. For details please visit
Report from Cambodia

During his year, RCT was proud to receive the announcement of Gary Huang to become future RI president. Various celebrations like the D3480 reunion were held (see gallery below) in 2012.

We had received news from the USA regarding the Free China (see earlier part of RC Taipei’s history document)
See document

Finally during President Jan year we installed a New baby club: RC Taipei Roundtable