2017 Event

  • Date : May 2nd ~ May 5th, 2017
  • Place : Tai-An & Hu-Ko Highway rest areas
  • Traffic_Safety-poster

Safety Checks

  • Checking cars on the highway at rest stops free of charge.
  • Basic safety items: tire pressure, oil level, tire treads, wiper fluid, brake fluids, coolant level, battery fluids, external lighting, and diesel engine smog tests.
  • 592 vehicles checked: tour buses (195), 3.49 ton trailers (71), tractor trailers (138), passenger vehicles (188).
  • People who had checked their vehicles would receive a small prize.
  • Safety checks donated Rotarian Museum’s Company (Shung Ye Group).
  • For event pictures please visit http://www.rctaipei.org.tw/traffic-safety-pictures/

More Data

Please view the Traffic Accident Analysis from Freeway Bureau