I have made a special trip to the Sok Orphanage on April 21. It was my first trip to Cambodia. The director of the orphanage -Mr. Chinsoka (known as Sok) is an English speaking tour guide in Siem Reap Cambodia. He provides a tour guide service around Siem Ream which helps raising funds for the unfortunate children. The SOK Cambodia Children Orphanage (SCO) provides a shelter and education for poor, homeless in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. The SCO was established in 2007 and it is a non-governmental non-profit organization. Mr. Sok believes every life has equal value and each person is worthy of the chance of having a better way of life. Thanks to our PP Braces who not only donated many T-shirts and saving boxes but also helped me to connect with P. Anna from Rotary Club of Angkor in Siem Reap. P. Anna also brought another two Rotarians to visit the Sok Orphanage with us.

I was so impressed by the well behaved of all the orphans the day we visited. They were also passionate and polite. According to Mr. Sok, there are 49 children living in that orphanage aged between 3 years old to 17 years old.
I looked around several bedrooms and the major kitchen. There appeared old and obsolete.

There were also some other foreigners visiting to the orphanage the same day. We have also met one young Japanese teacher who was staying in their study room to prepare the materials in order to teach the children Japanese. This young man has been staying in that orphanage for several months. (see photo)
After their father or mother died, Sok Orphanage is able to rescue the orphans, nurse them back to health and give them a hopeful future.
P. Anna also brought me to another two villages which the members of The Rotary Club of Elite have been visiting for years. The conditions of these two villages were even much worse than the Sok Orphanage.(Photos with the broken roof)

The Rotary Club of Elite has been a strong supporter to several poor communities in which The President of RCE had encouraged their members to help and to rescue in that poor area.
In addition, The Rotary Club of Angkor and Elite had collaborated to helping and providing facilities to the communities.
As everybody knows Rotarians worldwide provide an invaluable contribution to local, national and international communities. “The great and curious truth of the human experiences is that selflessness is the best thing you can do for yourself”.

Our continual support is bringing joy and hope to many orphans and unfortunate people.

Rtn. Janny


A letter from Mr. Chinsoka (SOK) – The Story of the Sok Orphanage
I was born in 1980 on a farm, 70 kilometers out of Siem Reap, into a very poor family. When I was three months old, my father and my brother and sister were killed by the Khmer Rouge, as part of Pol Pot’s regime. Later, my mother died when I was 10 years old. I stayed in the village with relatives but virtually fended for myself. I had to work with little food and no schooling from them. I became one of the begging children in the street markets around the city struggling to live.
I left the village to join a monastery which saved my life and turned it around. Here I was able to receive some schooling and find a job working (without a salary) in a restaurant for five years. The owner only wanted English speaking workers for his business. Eventually, on a wage of $35/month he managed to save enough to buy a motor scooter and was able to earn a little more money picking up tourists from the airport and taking them for a tour of the temples. The extra money enabled me to then complete high school and university with diligent application.
In 2006 I took the examination to become an official tour guide in the Siem Reap province. While working as a tour guide I met many tourists from around the world who became good friends and who were touched by Sok’s story and the poverty of the orphaned children they saw around Siem Reap. They were able to invest in Sok’s orphanage dream and his life changed again. All of them saw everywhere around Siem Reap, abandoned children with no food, no clean water, no education nor any reason for hope. After they returned from a heart touching trip in Cambodia, these good friends, who were living all around the world, resolved to raise money from family and friends to help me established the orphanage.
They helped me set up the Sok Cambodian Children’s orphanage and assigned me as the Director of the Sok Cambodian Orphanage Foundation. The initial aim of the SCO was to bring in children from the Siem Reap neighborhoods to teach them English, other languages and computer skills as well as to learn their own traditional Cambodian Culture and History. All the children would also go to a nearby public government school every day.
The orphanage is now established and working to help the children but needs the continuing generosity of passing tourists who happen find out about it and who volunteer their efforts and give donations to sustain this wonderful work. A trip to the orphanage and a little time with these children is enough to see the enormous possibility of how a little help lifts their glowing spirits. God’s blessing on all of you who are part of this family of ours. Many thanks for making a huge difference to the lives of the children of Cambodia.

Our Needs

This is a new plan for the future of the Orphanage that needs all of you to help us!!
We have had a plan for many years to move the orphanage but we haven’t managed to succeed yet. We still have to rent a house and we have stayed in the same place for many years. We have to pay a rent of about 300$ per month. The owner and her family don’t have a big compassion for us and her families use the same water, sewage and electricity as us but we have to pay for the cost each month, which takes a lot of money.
I know they have wanted us to move from the land for a long time. This year we have big problem in that the owner is planning to build a new house close to us. We don’t have any choice about letting them build the new house if we want to stay, even though we know it will be a bad situation. We cannot make the lots of money necessary to move the orphanage or for finding a new place.
We have to find money to live day to day and month by month. We experience a lot of suffering and pain with this situation all time. All the money that we can make from our tour guide service and from our sweet friends and from people who are volunteer to give a donation to us, goes straight away to the care of the children in the orphanage.
Our everyday costs include: food, kitchen supplies, school payment, house renting, health care, school uniform, electricity, making some trips and organizing some celebrations for the children and payment to the seven staff in the orphanage. As well, we do some charity work to help children in the government village school. Because we don’t work with any big sponsoring organizations or with a big charity we don’t have the money we need. All we have are the supporters of this project around the world.
We can’t save the money to buy the new land and build the house for the children to have their own place. Even if we could it would take a long, long time. In our future dream we need to buy a plot of land about 50m x 60m a little outside the town. About 7km from the city this plot of land price will cost $35,000 USD. Building the house, including material supply and worker payment about will cost about $25,000 USD. Making the total cost of everything $60,000 USD including the land, the house and the construction.
We know it will take a long time to make this plan successful but we have to dream even if it will take a long time. In the short term we can wait and hope that one day god will be able to help us too. We need all of you, our family of good people around the world to help us by giving any donation you can afford – small or big – any little amount is better than nothing.
Help us to support and develop the lives of the children in the orphanage. Help us so that the Orphanage can continue successfully in the future, when we hope all of you, our family of sweet friends, will come and visit us. We need all of you to help us and join with us. We cannot survive without all of our family of good people. Many thanks to all you, our family, for making such a big difference to the lives of the children and people in Cambodia. Wishing god’s blessing to you and your family all time. Thank you for everything and all your help.

The Sok Cambodia Children Orphanage (SCO) is established and was set up to find volunteers for support and running costs for the (SCO) Organization. This is called the NGO Volunteering project.
We welcome all visitors from around the world. If you can come and visit and teach the children English, we’d especially like to hear from you. It doesn’t matter what background you come from – we have volunteers of all ages and abilities joining us every week for an amazing time.
Maybe you have just retired, are taking a gap year before University or want to use your two weeks holiday to do something different. Young or old, rich or poor, experienced or inexperienced, even families with children, you will receive a very warm welcome and your contribution will make a major difference to our children’s lives.
Once you have decided you are interested in volunteering, the first stage is to complete our simple application form to give us your basic details and the dates you are available to volunteer. There is a minimum age limit of 18 unless accompanied by a parent. Please also tell us if you require transportation from the airport, accommodation or tours around the temple. We can arrange all of this as part of your volunteering experience.
We welcome all volunteers!
We ask all our volunteers to make a donation which will be used to run our projects and cover some of the volunteer’s costs. This donation will cover the cost of your mid-day meal and the fuel for the Tuk-Tuk which will take the children on visits and to school and which will come to collect you from your place of residence and take you home. We do not want anyone who would like to volunteer to be put off by the donation.
We are non-profit organization and all funds received run our projects. We run the project solely from donations from tourist volunteer donations and through our own fund raising. So we need every little bit of help we can get! It costs about US$5.00 a day to feed a child and we need about US$ 2500 a month to cover the running costs of the Sok Cambodia Orphanage.
If you would like to visit SCO or volunteer, whether it is to teach English or computer skill classes we would be more that happy to receive your support. The children love learning and meeting new people. Visitors provide the children with new experiences. All visitors provide the children with new learning, be it through play games or sport, singing or simply giving the children some loving attention. Our members of staff are also always on hand to assist you.
For additional information please contact us Mr Chinsokha (Sok) , Director foundation Children’s Orphanage in the Siem Reap. We would love to hear from your family and friends and greatly appreciate any help you can offer.
You can find the Sok Cambodia Children’s Orphanage about 4 km from Siem Reap off the Number 06 Road, about 500m past the Earth Walkers Hostel, Kroush village, Sraydoung Kum Commune Siem Reap, Cambodia . See our contact page for a map.
Please call before your visit so we can arrange complementary transportation to SCO. However big or small, your gestures of kindness we greatly appreciate.
Should you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email sokorphanage@yahoo.com or by phone on (855)1232 6526 . We welcome you and your family at any time.
Kind Regards, Sok Cambodia Children Orphanage Building happiness for all the children in Cambodia, a better future, caring for themselves.

Donations are essential to us for feeding the children!
What is the SCO fund? Sok Cambodia Children Orphanage main source of funding is provided by the generosity of tourists traveling through Siem Reap. These visitors support us through valuable donations to SCO. These contributions are essential, without them we would struggle to provide the children with the quality care they deserve. The kind donations we receive from visitors go towards feeding the children and meeting the daily running costs of the orphanage.
By choosing to donate to SCO, your contribution will go directly towards rent and fuel, buying rice, food, house for renting, electricity, cooking supplies, wood fire, gas cooking, gasoline for the tuk tuk to take the children to public school, take the children out on weekends, meat, fish, vegetables, shampoo, soap and basic medical supplies.
In addition to these costs, we also require funding for long term maintenance and improvement of SCO. What our Children Need at SCO? At present we are caring for 49 children, of which 25 are orphans.
Our real need is for a piece of freehold land together with a building program for a new orphanage. This is becoming an urgent matter as we have three years of our lease left, and our landlord wants to use the land to build a house for his children.
We are hoping to receive some help for this project from a sponsor around the world, but it is a big venture, and we need to raise money from as many people all around the world as possible in order to realize our dream of a new home.
Our children have three meals a day with extra Sunday dessert cakes. This costs about $2 per child. In addition, we need to dress them with both school uniforms and play clothes. We need to provide them with shoes, mosquito nets and mats for their beds (they would love the comfort of mattresses!) We need medical and school supplies, detergent, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste. And we need to buy a new Tuk-Tuk or van , for our children so they can go to public school. We have electricity, which is absolutely necessary for the children’s quality of life and access to modern technology. We also have 4 old computers that is donation my our friends in the Australia, USA, Singapore, UK, EU, which no longer work due such frequent use. We need many new computers to teach them with technology. Donations in cash or in kind are very much appreciated and however small the gift, it helps us in our daily struggle to provide the daily basic needs of 40 children and 7 staff who work and take care of our children in the orphanage center .
How you can help? We desperately need your support to continue helping these children. All donations and child sponsorships can be directed to SCO orphanage for children. Please let us know if you need more information! We need hear from all of you any time.

Book a tour with Cambodia Monkey Tour and profits go to support the children at the Orphanage.
Address: StreetN-6, Kruos Village, Svaydangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
Phone:(855) 12 326 526
Email: sokorphanage@yahoo.com