The Global Grant Project’s objective is to provide Laparoscopic Equipment and a Transport Incubator to this Public Hospital and to establish a Workshops Disease Prevention program.

The 130 bed Sanguinetti Hospital performs 300 scheduled and emergency surgeries each month. There is a five-month waiting period for non-emergency procedures.

Patients who undergo routine surgery average a five-day stay in the Hospital and are thus exposed to a great risk of in-hospital infection.

Providing the Laparoscopica Equipment, in addition to providing minimal invasive surgery, will drastically reduce days-in-hospital and consequent costs. Additionally, surgeons, gynecologists, nutritionists and their medical assistants will be in charge of providing education workshops to the community .

The Transport Incubator will provide fast and efficient transfer of the 40 plus new born who have to be moved to the Maternity Hospital for special care each year.

The Municipality of Pilar will maintain the Equipment after the funds end.

The impact of the proposed program be measured as follows:
– Through the number of surgeries performed in the year before the installation of Laparoscopy Team and equipment as compared with the number of surgeries in the year after the equipment has been installed.
– Transfer Incubator: Number of transfer and effectiveness according to Hospital Statistics.
– It will measure the quantitative and quality impact (through direct observation and survey) of Training Workshops
Rotarians from RC Pilar Norte will measure and evaluate the Project in each stage of the Project.


Rotary Club Pilar Norte have been received the first founds sent from Rotary Club of Taipei through a Global Grant.

There are two Suppliers in this GG:

1) “Schneider ” ( ) who will provide the Transport Incubator in the next 30 days.

2) “PAM Argentina” ( ) who will provide Laparoscopic equipment and ten tweezers, the Equipment will be delivered during the next 30 days.

Monday, August 25, was held a meeting in Hospital Sanguinetti with Dr. Sergio Lorda Hospital’s Director , Dr. Martin Diccio, Dr. Karina Rasman , Dr. Osvaldo Rowan , RC Pilar Norte President, Judith Figueroa and Pilar Butterworth from RC Pilar Norte .

The dates of the The Education Workshops which will be done in the Community of Pilar were decided:
1) On Wednesday October 15, 2014:
Workshop on Cancer of cervix given by Dr. Martin Diccio.

2) On Wednesday October 29, 2014:
Workshop on ” Laparoscopic equipment, its benefit during surgeries ” given by Dr Karina Rasman.

3) On Wednesday November 26, 2014:
Workshop on “Prevention of Breast Cancer,” given by Dr. Martin and Dr. Osvaldo Diccio Rowan.

On March 2015 (after the summer break ) will continue the Workshops.
This Project will bring so many benefits to the Community of Pilar…