Posted by ARIELE Chou on Jan 21, 2019
Rotary Club of Taichung, Tatung’s 30th Charter Night!
30 years is neither long nor short for a Rotary club. With the singer's beautiful and appropriate selection of the songs, brings out the growth process of RC Taichung Tatung  in the past 30 years. From the beginning of the youth to maturity and to the the rise of the new generations.
As to our Rotary Club of Taipei, not only the 70th anniversary, we have to think about how we will prosper again in the next decade. Look back and take action for RCT’s future !
Think about the fellowship with other Clubs extended by IPP Jack’s efforts on behalf of the RCT in last year, that made many other Rotary club’s members feel that our RCT is not so out of place in Taiwan Rotary community.
It is very happy for me to have accompany with Philip and PP Ampo to take the high-speed rail train. PN Advocate with his lovely family joined the Charter, and PP building and IPP Jack also drove to Taichung to bring the RCT’s greeting to them.
I met President Mark, Rotary Club of Singapore and together we still remember our 70th RCT Anniversary, and I also received his praise - our charter party was awesome in the last December.
Yes, this is RCT!
PE Ariele