The deadline for registration for the 2017 English Speech Contest has been extended to : May 05, 2017

Maximum Contestants
– 150 Students
– Waiting List. After 150 complete applications have been received, then subsequent contestants will be placed on the waiting list. Contestants will be notified of such along with any updates to their status.
– We encourage all prospective contestants to apply as early as possible.
Contestant Categories
1. Basic English Level
2. Advanced English Level
The use of two categories is designed to encourage more students with varying English speaking abilities to join the RCT ESC 2017. Students will be categorized based on individual speaking abilities during the application process.
Application Details
1. A Complete Registration Form (link below)
    1. Email to
2. Voice Recording
    1. A one-minute voice recording stating your English and Chinese name along with a biography.
    2. Add Line friend (rctaipei) and then send the voice recording.
3. Both the Registration Form and the one-minute voice recording must be submitted prior to the registration deadline in order for the Rotary Club of Taipei to make a determination on the placement of the student into one of the two contest categories.
Note: We especially encourage students to participate who do not that easily have the chance to practice their English Public Speaking in front of an audience!
Remember: You are not competing against anyone else, you are only competing with yourself. Make use of this Opportunity and be a Winner simply by Participating!



1. All applicants must:
(i) be citizens of the Republic of China and not possess any other passport at the time of registration;
(ii) be enrolled in a Taiwanese college or university as an undergraduate or graduate student at the time of registration;
(iii) have not lived or studied abroad cumulatively for more than six months.
2. Failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in disqualification and the return of any and all prizes, gifts, tokens and benefits received, or arising from, the competition. In the event a participant is disqualified, the immediate runner-up will succeed to the position of the disqualified participant.
3. Prizes are non-transferable and may not be returned for cash or exchanged for other items. You must be available to undertake travel on the date, time and at the location, as designated by Rotary Club of Taipei without being accompanied by your parents, relatives, friends or any other person(s). Failing to meet those requirements, your prize will be forfeited without compensation to you, and you will be responsible for damages caused to Rotary Club of Taipei.
4. You agree that any photographs or video-recordings taken of you during the ESC can be used to promote the ESC event and the general purposes of Rotary Club of Taipei. Should you disagree with this requirement, you must inform the Rotary Club of Taipei in writing before your signing or submitting of the Registration form.
5. The winners of the ESC shall act as ambassadors of the Rotary Club of Taipei and shall abide by the rules and requirements set up by the Rotary Club of Taipei and the host Rotary clubs and/or families for the duration of the program. Failure to meet such rules and requirements will result in disqualification, early termination of travel and return of prizes. The disqualified winner(s) shall be responsible for damages caused to the Rotary Club of Taipei.
6. If the applicant is under 20 years of age, his/her application must be accompanied by a consent statement, signed by the parents or legal custodians. This consent statement must detail the approval of the application in a separate email to the Rotary Club of Taipei or if the application is submitted in hard copy, the parents or custodians consent must be stated next to the signature of the applicant.


1. 參賽者需符合下列條件:
(i) 具有中華民國國籍且無雙重國籍者
(ii) 目前就讀於國內各大專院校之在學學生(含研究所)
2. 違反上述規定者將被取消參賽資格及優勝資格,所有獎項、獎品、贈品、優惠等皆應退還予台北扶輪社。其優勝資格,將由名次在後者依序遞補。
3. 獎品不可轉讓予他人亦不得變換現金或他物,得獎者必須依台北扶輪社所安排之日期及時間前往指定之國家或地點,得獎者在國外之期間亦不得由父母、親屬,或其他人作陪。違反此規定者以棄權論,不得請求任何補償。得獎者並須對台北扶輪社因此所受之損害負賠償責任。
4. 參賽者同意台北扶輪社有權使用參賽者在本演獎比賽中之相片、錄影,作為宣傳英語演講比賽或台北扶輪社之一般用途。參賽者若不同意,應在報名前,以書面告知台北扶輪社。
5. 得獎者為台北扶輪社之大使,應遵守台北扶輪社、接待扶輪社及接待家庭之規定及指示。若有違反,得獎者將被取消資格、提早返國,並退還所收受之獎品或贈品。得獎者並應賠償台北扶輪社所受之損害。
6. 參賽者若未滿二十歲,其報名應經其家長或監護人另以email表示同意,若以紙本報名參賽者,其家長或監護人應在報名表上參賽者簽名旁簽名以表示同意。



The English Speech Contest is held by the Rotary Club of Taipei for rendering service to the young generation to inspire them to learn English. The Rotary Club of Taipei declares herewith that the Club, its president, members, directors, staff, agents, the sponsors, the hosting clubs and families, and other persons assisting in or in connection with the ESC shall not be responsible for any damage or injury caused to the participants, their families and accompanying persons.

I fully understand the above terms and conditions and by registering in the 2016 Rotary Club of Taipei English Speech Contest agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you qualify and agree to the terms above, please proceed to complete the registration form here.