The purpose of the Rotary Club of Taipei (RCT) English Speech Contest (ESC) 2017 is to provide Taiwanese College and University students with an opportunity to practice their English speaking skills, to express themselves and to practice their public speaking by giving a speech in front of an audience. The student will be given a chance to select topics that interests them and the opportunity to speak about it.

For the ESC 2017, there are two contest categories. These are: Basic English Level Contestants and Advanced English Level Contestants. This is to encourage more students with different English speaking abilities to join the ESC 2017.

First Round – Please choose one.
1. Describe your version of a better future for Taiwanese youth.
2. What are some small acts of kindness that can make a big difference?
3. How do you become a more responsible global citizen?
Second Round – Please choose one.
1. Describe your ideal world.
2. Describe your tomorrow.
3. Describe the benefits of Mother Earth.
Final Round – Impromptu Speeches.
The objective of the final round is for students to demonstrate their competency in spoken English, their ability to think quickly and respond creatively.
– Topics to be provided upon advancing to the final round.
– Finalists will be asked to deliver a two (2) minute impromptu speech on a given topic.
– Contestants will have up to five minutes to prepare for the impromptu speech.
– Contestants must prepare their impromptu speech themselves: coaches, relatives or friends are not allowed to help contestants prepare for this final round.
– Contestants are not allowed to contact anyone by mobile phone, tablet or computers to ask for assistance.