THE ROTARY CLUB OF TAIPEI was the first Rotary Club established on the island of Taiwan, with a charter date of October 9, 1948. Our Charter President was C.K. Yen, who is also a past President of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The club was founded just three years after the end of World War II, and only one year before Taipei was made the provisional capital of the Republic of China upon the withdrawal of the Nationalist government in mainland China to Taiwan.

In the early days, the main emphasis of our club was on assisting orphanages and underprivileged children amid the difficult economic circumstances in those days. This included installation of a tap water system at the Peitou Orphanage and an enclosing wall for the Ai Ai Liau Orphanage. A free evening school for underprivileged children was opened at the Wanhua YMCA in June 1954, and the I Kiang Children’s Garden, equipped by our Club, was opened in June 1956. Our club continues to support the underprivileged in Taiwan, as well as disaster victims, the aged and the handicapped.

Our bulletin, the Typhoon, made its first appearance in July 1951 under the guidance of editor Rotarian ET.

Between 1953-55, the Rotary Club of Taipei sponsored nine other Rotary Clubs in Taiwan, namely the Rotary Clubs of Keelung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Pingtung, Chiayi, Taipei West, Ilan and Taichung. (See the “Sister Club” tab for the full genealogy of our sponsored clubs in Taiwan.)

During Rotary Year (RY) 1956-57, our club sponsored its first Intercollegiate English Speech Contest to provide college students in Taiwan an opportunity to hone their English skills. Since that time, we have sponsored many overseas trips for top finishers in these contests, including trips to the US, Europe and Australia.

In the 1980s, the Rotary Club of Taipei began to expand its support of worthwhile causes in the Asia-Pacific region. In cooperation with other Rotary Clubs in the Taipei area, we donated US$50,000 to build water tanks for refugees in Thailand in RY 1980-81.

Since those early years, our club has continued to provide substantial monetary and human support to important causes both within Taiwan and in the Asia-Pacific region. Although Taiwan’s economy has grown substantially since the 1940s when our club was founded, significant needs still exist among the underprivileged in our society, victims of natural disasters, the young, the aged and the physically challenged. Within Asia, we continue to work to improve healthcare and address other challenges. We welcome all residents in Taiwan, and those visiting from abroad, to visit our club and learn more about our activities and our Rotary Club of Taipei family. See the “Contact Us” page for further information.

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