2014.06.19 Honorary Kaj & Honorary Rachel (Autobiography)



2014.06.12 Dr. Heng-Chang Chen “Facing Aging Society from the Heart of Taiwan”

P1060082 P1060085

2014.06.05 Autobiography of Rotarian Axel & Rotarian Mike

P1060069 P1060070


2014.05.22 Professor Shih “The Current demand of medical environment in Taiwan-a perspective from a nurse administrator“

P1060003 P1060007

2014.05.08 Mr. Henry Chang (Rotarian Fx) “Why Bankers are Going toJail for Interest Rate Manipulation“

P1050977 P1050978

2014.04.24 Ms. Evelyn Feng “Smart Investment in Humanitarian Care for Underprivileged”


P1050923  P1050926

2014.04.10 Mr. Kevin Gallagher on “The Icebreaker Project”

P1050819 P1050823 P1050825

2014.04.03 Mr. Mike Hurst on “POW’s in Taiwan During WWII”

P1050746 P1050757  P1050764

2014.03.27 Mr. James Spencer on “Chinese Ceramics”

P1050736 P1050737

2014.03.20 Mr. Luuk Van Heerde on “First Look – Why 21st Century Branding Matters”

P1050701 P1050704 P1050711 P1050706

2014.03.13 Dr. Annie Chen-Green on “One to One Humanitarian Service in Cambodia and Timor Leste”


2014.03.06 Mr. Adam McMillian on “Community Services Centre”



2014.02.27 PP Dentist on “Little Black Bean in Kenya with Love”

P1050534 P1050536 

2014.02.06 Director Wei Te-Sheng on “KANO – 重返台灣棒球的光榮源起”  

 P1050498 P1050503

2014.01.23 6 Major Committees on “Community Services & Year End Fiscal Report” & PP Roadrunner updates 7/4 Rotary Day 

P1050449 P1050451 P1050452 P1050454 P1050461

2014.01.16 Guest Speakers: PP Building , Topic: “Rotary Information Talk: Manual of Procedure” 

P1050390 P1050399 P1050402 

2014.01.09 Guest Speakers: Sam Huang , Topic: “Investing in Australian Residential Property Market” 

P1050365 P1050366 P1050368


2013.12.19 Guest Speakers: PP Paul , Topic: “The Advancement of Youth Rights and Social Welfare

P1050238 P1050239 P1050251 P1050254

2013.12.12 Guest Speakers: Mr.  David Ho, Topic: “The story of Fukushima”

P1050211 P1050212 P1050215 P1050217

2013.11.28 Guest Speakers: Mr. Bassem Snaije, Topic: “Understanding the European Crises”

P1050157 P1050159 P1050160


2013.11.21 Guest Speakers: Ms. Pony Hus & Maggie Liu, Topic: “Syin-Lu social welfare foundation”

20131121 (Pony Hsu Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation) 20131121 (Pony Hsu Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation)


20131121 (Pony Hsu Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation)

2013.11.14 Guest Speakers: Mr. Syd Goldsmith, Topic: “So You Want to Write a Book”

20131114 (Syd Goldsmith) 20131114 (Syd Goldsmith)20131114 (Syd Goldsmith)

2013.10.31 Guest Speakers: Dr. Kevin Lo, Topic:” The Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement: Opportunities and Advantages for Foreign Investors”

20131031 (Dr. Kevin Lo)    20131031 (Dr. Kevin Lo)

2013.10.24 Guest Speakers: Dr. Jerome Keating, Topic: “Taiwan Map Book”

20131024 (Dr. Jerome Keating) 20131024 (Dr. Jerome Keating)20131024 (Dr. Jerome Keating)


2013.10.17 Guest Speakers: Dr. Gerard Hei (黑立言) , Topic: “How Smart Leaders Create Engaged Employees”20131017 (Gerard Hei 黑立言) 20131017 (Gerard Hei 黑立言)

20131017 (Gerard Hei 黑立言) 20131017 (Gerard Hei 黑立言)


2013.10.03 Guest Speakers: Dr. Sam Raj G. , Topic: “India- the raising horizon from tradition to contemporary

20131003 (Dr. Sam Raj G) 20131003 (Dr. Sam Raj G) 20131003 (Dr. Sam Raj G)

2013.09.26 Guest Speakers: Mr. Tobi Openshaw, Topic: “Nelson Mandela, The Man Who Stood Up For What He Believed In.”

20130926 (Tobi Openshaw)20130926 (Tobi Openshaw)20130926 (Tobi Openshaw)


2013.09.12 Guest Speakers: Ms. Rosita Chu, Topic: “14 words for happy &happiness of life”

20130912 Rosita Chu 20130912 Rosita Chu


2013.09.05 Guest Speakers: Rtn. Yian & Rtn. Shirley, Topic: “Autobiography”

20130905 (Yian & Shirley Bio)  20130905 (Yian & Shirley Bio)20130905 (Yian & Shirley Bio)20130905 (Yian & Shirley Bio)


2013.08.29 Guest Speakers: Ms. Jessica Hsu , Topic: “Focusing on rural Haiti: the Lambi Fund”

20130829 (Jessica Hsu)20130829 (Jessica Hsu)20130829 (Jessica Hsu)

2013.08.22 Guest Speakers:  Mr. Charlie Liao, PP Building’s son , Topic: ““Youth Exchange Presentation: My Country Taiwan”

20130822 (Charlie Liao, PP Building's son)20130822 (Charlie Liao, PP Building's son)20130822 (Charlie Liao, PP Building's son)

2013.08.15  Guest Speakers: Ms. Mary Ann Zhao, Co-speaker Rtn. Jack T , Topic: “Building leadership skills”

20130815 (Mary Ann Zhao)   20130815 (Mary Ann Zhao)20130815 (Mary Ann Zhao, Jack T friend)

2013-08-08 Guest Speaker: Mr. Jost Feer, Topic: “Current Affairs in Switzerland”

20130808 (Jost Feer)20130808 (Jost Feer)