In 2010 when PE Story (current PP Koji) attended the Annual Ball of RC Tai Po, he sat together with PE of that year. One of them was PE Teren, from RC Macau. Learning that RC Macau and RC Taipei have many things in common, such as being the first rotary club in the country (territory), PE Teren and PE Story quickly grew interest in forming a sister club relationship.
After Story started his term as president of RC Taipei, he and his board has added a clause in our club bylaws regarding sister club. Simply put, to form a sister club relationship, we needed mutual visit and a service project in common. RC Macau has quickly responded to this by making donation to RC Taipei’s motorcycle safety project.
Since then, RC Macau has participated in our club’s service projects every year and is visiting our charter anniversary every year. We are also visiting their Annual Ball every year.