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The English Speech Contest (ESC) is hosted by the Rotary Club of Taipei (RCT). The club is now in its 70th year of service to the community. The ESC is in its 63rd year having begun modestly in 1955, when the Rotary Club of Taipei sponsored two separate oratory competitions celebrating the theme that “He profits most who serves the best”. The following year saw the birth of the Inter-Collegiate English Oratory Contest which evolved to the current ESC format. Open to students at Taiwan ROC’s universities, the ESC continues to be a major service activity of the Rotary Club of Taipei. Over the years, thousands of students have benefited from the opportunities provided by the competition and have continued on to important professional and community leadership positions.

This years ESC topic is Youth-Driven Social Entrepreneurship.

As with past ESC events, the core objectives of this contest will stay focused on Improving Leadership Skills, Confidence and Communication Skills. This years topic will also urge participants to focus on social issues that require proper solutions. In addition, we will be promoting entrepreneurial skills.  

Social Entrepreneurship describes the discovery and sustainable exploitation of opportunities to create social change. Social Entrepreneurship is not purely about maximizing private profit, but to further their social and environmental initiatives. In short, it’s about business where everyone profits.

RCT would like to to hear from you, the youth of Taiwan. Tell us about an idea that you have to better the community, or the world, that you live in. Once you have an idea, then use that as your foundation to build a sustainable approach to solving the problem. Be the social entrepreneur and explain how your solution can be used to generate profit in order to self sustain. A business model canvas will help you to organize your thoughts and deliver them during this contest.

We have selected topics that participants will focus on for this contest. Participants are asked to select one topic from below and make that the foundation of what they will speak about during the event.


  •  Environmental Protection
    • How can we solve environmental issues such as polluted oceans, deforestation and a growing carbon footprint?
  • Rural Healthcare
    • How can we make better healthcare services available to rural communities?
  • Language Fluency
    • How can we improve language fluency for those people who need it in order to access better opportunities in life?


Application Deadline



ESC Date




Submission Requirements


All applicants must:
(a) be citizens of the Republic of China;
(b) be enrolled in a Taiwanese college or university as an undergraduate or graduate student at the time of registration


Individuals and Teams

— Applicants can choose to register either as an individual or a 2-4 person team.

— If registering as a team, then a team name should be selected and provided during registration.


Preparation Documents

The following documents should be prepared prior to the event. On the day of the event you will hand them in to the judges for review during your speech.

  • The Executive Summary
    • 1 Page – It should include a summary of your idea and the individual or team name.
  • The Business Model Canvas
    •  Apply your idea to the canvas. Fill in each section in order to demonstrate various areas of your idea and its value proposition. Be prepared to talk about it during the contest.
    • Example: 


Grand Finale Presentations

  • Individuals, or teams, will compete on August 11th, 2018.
  • If you decide to enter as a team, then all members of each team must be present at the presentation. Any absentee from each team may constitute disqualification unless having prior written approval from RCT.
  • Each individual, or team, will have 5 minutes of presentation without interruption from the judges. Immediately following each presentation, judges will engage team members in a 5 minute question / answer session.
    • This will happen in two stages the day of the event.
      • Round one will happen in judging classrooms.
      • Round two will happen in the main auditorium in front of judging panel and a larger audience.
  • It is compulsory for all team members to speak in the presentation, and each member is also required to show up on stage and participate in the whole event.
  • The presentation may include any audio and visual aids that the team considers appropriate.
  • RCT will provide a computer with PowerPoint software and projector to assist your presentation. Any team requiring proprietary software and equipment to demonstrate their plan is responsible for its provision and installation.




On event day, judging will occur in two stages. There will be a panel of judges for each of the two stages. Each panel will be made up of Rotarians, educators, executives, business owners, philanthropists, venture capitalists, professors and social entrepreneurs.

Judges will be evaluating your spoken English, presentation skills and your overall ability to explain the topic you have chosen.




Winners of the 2018 ESC have the chance to receive the following:

Grand Prize

— Direct mentorship and seed funding to make your solution come to fruition.

— Expect to have your winning idea brought to fruition immediately leveraging Rotary resources.


— Internships facilitated by RCT and its affiliate organizations.

— Various other prizes


** Disclaimer**

Winners are expected to be prepared to act on their winning idea and advance towards establishing a formal project to solve the social issue identified. Failure to execute Grand Prize terms upon award will result in forfeiture of mentorship and seed funding.





Rotary Club of Taipei’s Contact Information

Phone: (02) 2381-0986
Fax: (02) 2383-1886



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