What Actually happened in 364 days between July 2010 and June 2011?

PP Koji attended 186 meetings, 413% attendance rate, sent more than 2,400 emails and 194 birthday and anniversary cards, drank more than twice his bodyweight of red wine, dedicated much of his time and resources to our club!

The fellowship during PP Koji year can be measured by the involvement in many activities such as:

  • IPP Ampo’s kick-out party, Taiwan Beer Factory Party, Charter Anniversary, Charter Thank You Party, Oktoberfest, Charity Night, Christmas, CNY
  • Five-Gen Meeting, PETS, Other club’s charters and changeovers
  • Wine tasting in St. Finesse, Sake tasting by RC Tokai
  • Overseas Trips to Okinawa, Kyoto, Macau and Hong Kong
  • Fundraising parties of Baboons, Community Center, ECCT, TAS food fair, Taipei Marathon, etc.
  • Vocational trips to Black Sugar Factory, Awamori Factory, Master Wu Pottery, CTW Logistics, Kavalan Whisky
  • Fireside by Koji, Jill, Walter H, Sunny, Joel’s Gallery,
  • Trade Office parties
  • Weddings

Despite such a heavy activity PP Koji did not managed to keep one of his promise: gaining more weight! His increase was stopped by 27 games of golf and 1 of bowling. During his year he organized a Weight Loss Contest and ended with a total loss of 62.8 kg (nearly one Rotarian!!)