P. Roadrunner (Mark Hsieh) 2011-12

  • Raised record funding NT$1.70 million and 550 participants at Annual charity event in May at the W Hotel;
  • Organized the first joint Charter/Oktoberfest event and led the club officers in the first ever Shuhplatter Dance performance on stage
  • Initiated and held the first Joint Meeting of the four English Speaking Clubs in the Taipei area, Taipei, Eclat, Metro and Nexus
  • Led and organized the Five Generation New Year Party for 25 clubs from D. 3480
  • Organized the first Spelling B along side the English Speaking Contest by working with the Salvation Army in Nantou
  • Leading a team to participate in sister club Rotary Club of Tainan’s Tainan Half Marathon
  • Found a new location for club office, moving out club office from the Caesar Park Hotel, where it had been for the past 30 years