Annual Wheelchair Donation Project for Nicaraguan Disabled Children

The Rotary Club of Taipei is proud and honored to join efforts with His Excellency William M. Tapia Ambassador of Nicaragua to Taiwan to support disabled children not only in Nicaragua but also around the world.

His Excellency Ambassador Tapia developed this wonderful project which has won the support of so many altruist Chinese and foreign people. This year 2014, Ambassador Tapia hopes to be able to increase the number of wheelchairs, as well as some useful items for the elderly, like walking sticks, walkers, etc., so that they could enjoy a better way for living.
The Rotary Club of Taipei has helped during the last two years, 2012 and 2013, and is committed to continue to support in 2014 and contribute to this cause which is worth and meaningful.

Please see below a letter from his Excellency Ambassador Tapia developing the project and its history:

Embassy of Nicaragua to China (Taiwan)

Annual Wheelchair Donation Project for Nicaraguan Disabled Children

The wheelchair donation project for disabled and handicapped children from Nicaragua started in the year 2011, as an initiative to optimize and make better use of the unconditional support and warm heart of the Taiwanese community.

I was appointed as Ambassador of the Republic of Nicaragua to the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the year 2008, a country and culture from which since my early years I have learned and admired, especially for their disinterested will of helping others, making the world a better place.

Thanks to my position as Ambassador, because of Chinese culture, traditions and manners, every year I was flooded by lovely and well thought of presents, from different sectors of the Taiwanese community, businessman, government officials, scholars, all good friends, especially around Christmas and Chinese New Year time.

Coming from an humble, less develop but extremely beautiful country, full of hard working people who strive to better themselves every day through hard work and dedication, and taking advantage of the philanthropic spirit and natural goodwill of the Taiwanese people, I had the initiative to write a letter asking my good friends in Taiwan, old and new, who in the past were accustomed to send me gifts as a show of their personal appreciation to myself and my country.

In this letter I sincerely express to them to please abstain from sending me personal gifts, and instead kindly donate a wheelchair for a disabled child in Nicaragua, since it’s the children who are the future pillars of our country and the ones who will have the challenge of developing it, regardless of their physical condition. My slogan has been: “PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME PERSONAL GIFTS DURING CHRISTMAS OR CHINESE NEW YEAR, INSTEAD SEND A WHEEL CHAIR AS A DONATION TO A DISABLED CHILD OF MY COUNTRY”.

That is how this wheelchair donation project started in the year 2011. Since then I was able to receive 100 donated wheelchairs in the year 2011; in the following year, 2012, the amount of wheelchairs donated doubled, reaching 200; and during the last year of 2013, 200 wheelchairs and 100 walkers for seniors Nicaraguans were donated by the loving people of Taiwan.

During the three years the project has been running, the wheelchairs have been delivered to the Office of the First Lady of the Republic of Nicaragua, Ms. Rosario Murillo, who is in charge of distributing them to benefit children with disabilities.
These donations have been made possible through this initiative and by the efforts and wholehearted cooperation of the Taiwanese community. Among the most representative donors are: Mr. Chung Cheng Chih, president of the TAIWAN LIO HO GROUP, Mr. Cliff Lin, PRESIDENT OF FU TZU CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC., Mr. Sam Hu, Chairman and CEO of MEGATONE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION, who alone donated 100 chairs last year, some Rotarians Clubs of Taiwan, including the Rotarian International Taipei Club, amongst others.

The donation of wheelchairs and other necessities has been very important for the disabled and underprivileged families in our country, in order to raise their quality of life, and is evidence of the generous aid extended by Taiwanese people and the government of Taiwan to my country in various aspects.

With this gesture of solidarity from the Taiwanese community, businessmen and government, it’s demonstrated once again how strong are the bonds of friendship, brotherhood and support that continue uniting Taiwan with Nicaragua.

My personal goal is to every year surpass the amount of wheelchairs and other handicap aid material to be donated to those most in need in Nicaragua, which is why I humbly ask for your valuable support in helping fulfill this endeavor.

Sincerely Yours,

William M. Tapia
Ambassador of Nicaragua to Taiwan.