The 67the edition of the RCT’s ESSC is in full run.
We are thrilled to see many students getting together and presenting innovative solutions to a very wide area of challenges we encounter in our communities.
The judges had a difficult time to separate and grade the excellent projects! But we have the 10 happy qualified!
  • Team of Three
  • Team Leave No Trace
  • En Chi HSU
  • Team Winnie the Ru
  • Team Leopard Cat Guardian
  • Team Oldie Goodie
  • Team Dreamer
  • Team 2B
  • Team TMPSV
  • Team Trash Treasure
The semi-final is on March 18th we are wishing good luck and great preparation to all the teams. That day we will not only have a contest but also a coaching session to support the team to enhance their projects. Regardless if they qualify for the final they will all be winners!