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Seeds of Passion Project

Posted by VENDOME Thien-Ah-Koon on Jun 18, 2019
From May 30th to June 1st, 2019, the RCT welcomed in Taipei a group of 28 kids from Tung-Shih Elementary School of Chiayi with 6 teachers accompanying them. These kids are living in underprivileged condition, and as part of the mission of the RI, the Club was proud to make this happen. 

Kids got training sessions on AI and VR with some professionals in that field, and also with the help of Taipei Municipal Yongchun Senior High School (台北市立永春高中). They also received training from Carrefour Taipei, and the restaurant La Mole, so that there were given exposure to various fields. The purpose was to open their mind on real-life industry and work. We hope this kind of event is beneficial to those kids coming from rural areas. 

Special thanks to the principal and teachers of Tung-Shih Elementary School of Chiayi, the Taipei Municipal Yongchun Senior High School, Carrefour Taiwan, Miramar Entertainment Park, Just Eat restaurant, and all Rotarians who have kindly sponsored the event (David Hall, PP Roadrunner – Coco Ichibanya -, Alex – La Mole restaurant) and also who have given of their time to come to the event. Thanks to Claudine Kuo also (Vendome’s firm) for her coordination of the whole event.
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Silhouette of a Great Master: A Retrospective of Chang Dai-Chien's Art on the 120th Anniversary of His Birth

Posted by Christine on May 21, 2019
On May 10, we had a big group of 23 including President Mark Wang from our sister club RC Singapore visiting the National Palace Museum for the Maestro Chang Dai-Chien’s Art 張大千120歲誕辰紀念大展.  It was such a great honor to have Ms. Tseng Shu-Yun 曾淑芸 as our docent again.
We started with the painting and calligraphy of Maestro’s early years and works of his family, teachers and friends. Ms. Tseng shared some interesting stories of Chang’s imitation of ancient works, then explained the styles and differences between works by Chang and those ancient masters.
Ms. Tseng also led us to Chang’s colorful Buddhist art works inspired by the wall paintings in Dunhuang 敦煌 caves and explained their amazing details.
We then switched to the Chang’s stunning Masterpieces in ink and color on lotus and landscape.  We were all amazed by the “trademark” of Chang’s art on “splashed color” skills. Enlightened by Ms. Tseng we were able to tell the big change of Chang’s composition on paintings after his eye disease.
After this 100 minutes tour, we extended our heart-felt thanks to Ms. Tseng for her dedicated service with a special gift set from Rtn Nancy’s tea shop. With a background in history profession at NTU, Ms. Tseng dedicated 20 years of voluntary service in the National Palace Museum as a docent. It was truly an enjoyable and informative museum tour!
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Reported on 2019 ESSC

Posted by ESSC Chair PN Advocate on May 06, 2019
The Rotary Club of Taipei smoothly and successfully completed its 2019 (64th) English Social Solutions Contest (ESSC) on April 27, 2019 at National Taipei University of Technology.  The topic this year is “How to Improve the Air Quality in Taiwan” and three winners were selected, namely, First Place, Anjerick J. Topacio from Chung Yuan Christian University, Second Place, Liao Chien-Hung from China Medical University, and Third Place, Ng Jack Min, Lo Min-Hao and Tai Jia Xuen from Chang Gung University, with cash award of NT$30,000, NT$20,000 and NT$10,000 respectively.  These winners presented quite innovative, sustainable and actionable proposals to deal with our air pollution problem. 
We congratulate them and thank them for their active participation.  We also wish to thank 11 judges who have done an excellent job in selecting these winners.  Our gratitude also extended to our co-organizer Department of English, NTUT and sponsors: Infar Industrial Co., Ltd., Cathay Charity Foundation, Shin Kong Bank, ICRT and Canadian Chamber of Commerce Taiwan.
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2018-19 District Conference

Posted by JASON C. Chu on Apr 21, 2019
With only 2 months left for this Rotary Year, the District of 3481 hosted a District Conference on 4/21. Over 64 clubs and 912 Rotarians from District 3481 gathered together for a joint meeting and celebrate the accomplishments of each club for this Rotary Year. We also had guest speakers Mayor Ke, Wen-Zhe and Chen, Shih-Chung from the Department of Health speak to us about the healthcare policies in Taiwan, its challenges and current initiatives. 

In the afternoon, the Rotary Club of Taipei was awarded with 5 out of 6 District Governor Citations, Service Award, Service Project Award, Youth Services Award, Rotary Foundation Award, and Public Relations Award. These awards could not have been attained without the support of our Rotarians this year. 
I want to thank all of our Board Members and Committee Chairs for serving our members, community and district, making sure all our projects and initiatives have been executed and representing the Rotary Club of Taipei.
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Vocational  Service Visit Event

Posted by Nancy Lang on Mar 30, 2019
It was such a fun day out with fellow Rotarians, friends and family. Many of us are visiting the tea garden for the first time in Taiwan. We have learned more about the type of tea tree known as camellia sinensis in general. Emei town specialized in Oriental Beauty Oolong tea and we tasted three different grades and it was very different, and it's all because of a magically little bug. We also got to experience tea making first hand, through this experience, we get to understand the hardwork and the craftsmanship of making tea. After yummy traditional Hakka family-style lunch, we walked around Emei lake and visited the world's largest Happy Budda. We finished the trip with more tea making.
To sum up, it was a wonderful experience, and hope all of our fellow Rotarians can join us on our next trip!
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International Service - Kenya and Madagascar

Posted by PP Braces on Mar 14, 2019
On Jan. 31, 2019, PP Braces and a group of 13 dental volunteers, dispatched for Ivato, Madagascar for dental voluntter service.
There were 6 dentists and 7 assistants. 2 dentists are also rotarians form other clubs.

The group was able to treat  368 patients with 540 extractions, 16 cleaning and 88 cavities filled.
Madagascar is a country with dramastic demand in healhcare service, esp. in dentistry. people with a average income of USD 1.25 per day, could hardly afford to visit a dentist. It was estimated that there was less than 500 dentists in a population 24 million.
There were 2 prices for extraction - one with anesthesia and the other one without anesthesia. Please imagine how suffering to have tooth removed without anesthesia.

Madagascar, former colony of France, became independent on June 26, 1960. The island is 18 times of Taiwan, but the population is only 1 million more than Taiwan. So it is lessly populated.  The capital is Antananarivo and the common languagage is French and Malagasy. The most attractive product is Vanilla.

In our service , we were able to spot a 2 months old girl with Cleft Lip. We came to know the the HIS foundation from Hong Kong will send as operation team going to Madagascar for volunteer  surgery for a yearly base. We could have the baby put on waitlist once she has achieved the critierion for surgical repair. But the family has to pay for the transporation from the province to the capital, living cost for one week and the medicine. It was estimated to be USD 55.  so , PP Braces donated USD 500 from the International Service fund of our club for the benefit of other cleft patients for surgery.
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All men are created equal

Posted by Christine Lee on Mar 14, 2019
By RCT Spouse Committee Chair / Christine Lee
To show our care about the humanitarian aid before the International Woman’s Day, the RC Taipei spouse committee organized a service event to Harmony Home Taiwan on February 27.  Harmony Home Taiwan is now a healthcare and shelter which takes care over 150 non-Taiwanese children and their mothers from unlawful residents like migrant workers with various difficulties.
After a pre-visit to the site, we decided to serve by bringing along a children’s program for 1-3 years old kids which they have NEVER had such an experience before in that small room.
It began with a video briefing of Harmony Home at 10am and a warm greeting from the founder Ms. Nicole Yang. We donated 8 big cans of formula milk for children before starting our shelter service.
Lucky us a kindergarten principal Ms. Lee Ju-Nan 李如男 came to lead the children program.  At first most kids came asking for the big hugs. Some of them were still in bed. After a few games they all went crazy and were running around with laughters and happy faces. At the end we gave our special thanks to Ms. Principal for her kind contributions then helped with the lunch-serving. Before leaving we spent some time with the cute little infants upstairs.
It was such a heart-warming and meaningful event. We’d like to come back again and make it as a regular service if possible.
Hopefully RC Taipei can do something more or different on this issue in the future.
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Fellowship Hike in YangMingShan

Posted by LEO Wang on Jan 27, 2019
Dear fellow members 
Jan 27th we had a  fantastic year end lunch at  Spring Resort in Beitou.
It was great to have long time no see families Sean, Cathy and their 4 lovely kids, Henry families and Stephen! 
We took the walk to the nearby mountain trails to witness the hot spring sources and a 110 year old temple in the morning. It was well worth the early getup on Sunday!
Then we had the tasty meals and drinks prepared by the Spring Resort Hotel in the private room arranged by hotel owner, a great friend from Eternity. Each of the members gave very warm and meaningful story regarding Rotary life during  lunch, that was the best moment the whole day! 
Most members enjoyed the hot spring SPA after the lunch - it's the best activity in winter times! 
Thanks to P Jason and support from many members for the event.
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Rotary Club of Taichung, Tatung’s 30th Charter Night!

Posted by ARIELE Chou on Jan 21, 2019
Rotary Club of Taichung, Tatung’s 30th Charter Night!
30 years is neither long nor short for a Rotary club. With the singer's beautiful and appropriate selection of the songs, brings out the growth process of RC Taichung Tatung  in the past 30 years. From the beginning of the youth to maturity and to the the rise of the new generations.
As to our Rotary Club of Taipei, not only the 70th anniversary, we have to think about how we will prosper again in the next decade. Look back and take action for RCT’s future !
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What is the Rotary Club of Taipei?


The Rotary Club of Taipei (RCT) belongs to District 3481.  District 3481’s Governor for the 2018-2019 Rotary year is Mr. DG Professora member of Rotary Club of Taipei Pacific.

RCT was chartered on October 9, 1948.  The Charter Club President was C.K. Yen, Former President of the Republic of China.  The current Club President is Mr. Jason C. (Rotarian Jason C.).  We are the FIRST Rotary Club in Taiwan and one of only two English-speaking clubs in D3481. 

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