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The Rotary Club of Taipei (RCT) belongs to District 3481 and home to Past Rotary International President Gary C.K Huang (2014-2015). RCT was chartered on October 9, 1948.  The Charter Club President was C.K. Yen, Former President of the Republic of China. We are the FIRST Rotary Club in Taiwan and one of only three English-speaking clubs in D3481.
Club News
10 teams participated to the ESSC 2023 semi-final at Taipei-tech University in Taipei.
We were thrilled to see very divers projects, related to aging population, animal protection, environment, recycling – all very important subjects to enhance our communities.
This year the semi-final was more special as, apart from presenting their projects the students had the opportunity to get more support to improve their presentations and their projects.
First Calvin Chen from Taipei Tech explained how to improve their presentations skills in a small training session. Then the students were divided in two groups and get specific feedback on the content and the form. Many thanks to all the judges -coaches for their contributions!
The judges had a very hard time to eliminate projects, so we decided to invite all the 10 to join the final. We are certain that the feedback that their received from the coaches, alongside the further training that is planned will help the students to enhance even more their projects.
Thanks again to all the sponsors, which allow us to have not only great cash prizes but also opportunities for scholarships and internships!
All the best to all the 10 teams for the last preparations and see you on April 29th!
The 67the edition of the RCT’s ESSC is in full run.
We are thrilled to see many students getting together and presenting innovative solutions to a very wide area of challenges we encounter in our communities.
The judges had a difficult time to separate and grade the excellent projects! But we have the 10 happy qualified!
  • Team of Three
  • Team Leave No Trace
  • En Chi HSU
  • Team Winnie the Ru
  • Team Leopard Cat Guardian
  • Team Oldie Goodie
  • Team Dreamer
  • Team 2B
  • Team TMPSV
  • Team Trash Treasure
The semi-final is on March 18th we are wishing good luck and great preparation to all the teams. That day we will not only have a contest but also a coaching session to support the team to enhance their projects. Regardless if they qualify for the final they will all be winners!
RCT’s Remote Online English Education Project links Taipei European School (TES) and Asia America International Academy (AAIA) with elementary schools in Pintung.
The junior mentors and young learners finally met face to face for the first time at the Meet & Greet in Pingtung last Friday after two years of Covid closure.
It was a long trip full of excitement and fulfillment. We were deeply touched when seeing the smiles of the students.
Helping others makes you feel more useful and happier!
The more you give, the more you get! So true is the Rotary motto: One profits most who serves the best!
IPP Andy, Rtn. Tea and Rtn. Tudor joined the CTBC Anti-drug Foundation and the DEA Basketball team to visit the Sanzhi Elementary School and introduce to the young kids, our future leaders, the dangers of doing drugs.
It was really impressive to listen to Andy's very powerful presentation. The key was not only to send the message, and ensure the kids where 100% tuned to it, but to make the kids think by themselves and help them to act right. For example, Andy gave them great ideas of how to answer when someone offer them drugs.
After the presentation we went to the kids to the gymnasium and the DEA Basketball team taught them some moves and played. Some of the quizzes were incorporated to the games to try to have a lasting impact!
Very meaningful program that we will continue to support!
Rural Charity Dental Clinic, Lion County, Ping Tong
The project is a joint community service program between the Rotary Club of Taipei ,  Rotary Club of PoAi, Chinese Christian Dental Services, 社團法人屏東縣原住, 社會公益服務協 and it is led by PP Braces.
Pingtong is the most southern province, 33 counties,  population 800k.
PP Braces visited the community on Feb. 28, 2022. Community rep. & leaders expressed the need of medical services especially on gout and dental treatment. There are no medical & dental facilities nearby and the location is 40 min. (38Km) from the nearby town with no public transportation.
PP Braces managed to find a set of well-functioning imported dental facility in Tainan was ready for free donation: Full set of dental operatory, Dentist stool, Oil free compressor, Dentist cabinet
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Measuring our results: Making sure that we’re changing lives for good

Measuring our results: Making sure that we’re changing lives for

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